Support for NI Courseware in Thinkscape

This page houses a repository of support resources designed to help students and teachers using online, interactive courseware.

We're continuously developing and adding to these resources, so check back for added resources. 

This information is preliminary, and we'll be adding new images, new topics, and new content.

For help with NI ELVIS II courseware, check here.

Student FAQ

Student Tutorials

Joining a Course

[New] Article: Joining a Course with a Code

[New] Article: Joining a Course with a Link

[New] Article: Joining and Accessing Courses and Labs

Navigating a Lab

[New] Article: Navigating Thinkscape

[New] Article: Using the Help

[New] Article: Moving Between Courses and Modules

[New] Article: Maximizing Workspace

[New] Article: Why is the corner of the module tile green/red?

[New] Article: How do I save my progress?

[New] Article: How do I open a file?

[New] Article: Inline Assessment

[New] Article: Do the videos have closed captions? 


[New] Article: Uploading an Image or File

[New] Article: Inline Assessment

[New] Article: Can I submit my answer to a question more than once?

[New] Article: The textboxes where I answer my questions aren’t big enough to fit my complete answer. What can I do? 

[New] Article: How do I access Help?


Article: Completing Lab Activities

[New] Article: Module Content, Exercises, and Assessments

[New] Article: Set up ELVIS III from Lobby Bar

Article: Using Multisim Live Inside Thinkscape

[New] Article: Set up ELVIS III from Lobby Bar

[New] Article: Opening SFPs from Lobby Bar


[New] Article: Completing Module Reports

[New] Article: Can I add additional content such as comments and observations to the lab report?

Article: Will my inline assessment questions be in the lab report?

[New] Article: Creating and Submitting a Lab Report

[New] Article: How do I save a copy of a lab report I’ve submitted?

[New] Article: How do I view a lab report I’ve submitted? 

[New] Article: Viewing Professors Comments

[New] Article: Viewing Your Results

Instructor FAQ

Instructor Tutorials

Courses and Modules

[New] Article: Creating a NI account and audit course

[New] Article: Requesting Instructor Access

[New] Article: How do I know who to make teacher vs a teaching assistant? What's the difference between them?

[New] Article: Adding additional instance of course

[New] Article: Adding Courses from Content Library

[New] Article: Cloning a Course

[New] Article: Changing Course Options

[New] Article: Cloning a Module

[New] Article: Changing Module Options - Linked Modules

[New] Article: Changing Modules Options - Editable Modules

[New] Article: Changing the Order of the Modules

[New] Article: Publishing a Module

[New] Article: How do I know if a module has been published?

[New] Article: Deleting a Course

[New] Article: Deleting a Module

[New] Article: Add to Library from Portal

Article: Course Set-up

Article: Customizing Courses

Classroom Management

[New] Article: Adding Students to a Course

Article: How do I know if a student has completed an assessment/step/module/report?

Article: Are there some help tutorials to help students use Thinkscape and lab submission?

[New] Article: Monitoring Students and Course Progress

[New] Article: What does the dashboard mean? What kind of information will I find there?

Article: Can I change the information that I see on the dashboard?

[New] Article: How do I access student results or lab reports?

[New] Article: Viewing your Course List

[New] Article: Removing a Student from a Course


[New] Article: How can I see what the student will see?

Article: Is there a way to print student lab reports or export them to a PDF?

Article: Why don't all my pictures upload when I paste from word in the content editor?

Article: I’ve published the module; why hasn’t the student version been updated with my changes?

Article: Some of the steps I need are identical from another lab, how can I copy them between lab?

Article: LMS Integration

[New] Article: Viewing the Answer Key

Editing Content

[New] Article: Adding a New Course

[New] Article: Adding a New Module

[New] Article: Lab Editing Overview

Article: Importing Steps from a Word Document.

Article: Importing Steps from another Lab

Article: How do I upload new material (not using the Import tool)?

[New] Article: Adding a step

[New] Article: Editing Step Options

[New] Article: Adding New Items - Overview

Article: Adding New Item - Content

Article: Adding an image to a step

[New] Article: Adding New Item - File

[New] Article: Adding New Item - Video

 Article: When I insert a video how do I make it fit / adjust the size?

[New] Article: Adding New Item - Media Carousel

[New] Article: Adding Inline Assessments

[New] Article: Adding Inline Assessment - Multiple Choice

[New] Article: Adding Inline Assessment - Short Answer

[New] Article: Adding Inline Assessment - Long Answer

[New] Article: Adding Inline Assessment - Upload

[New] Article: Adding Inline Assessment - Free-form Answer

[New] Article: Adding Inline Assessment - Table Answer

New] Article: Adding Help

[New] Article: How do I delay the ability to access help?

Article: Change the order of items within a Step

[New] Article: Adding Prerequisites to a Step

[New] Article: Deleting an item in a step

Article: Moving a step/making it a sub step

[New] Article: Editing Existing Content

[New] Article: Publishing a Module

[New] Article: Deleting a step

[New] Article: Viewing a Module as a Student