[New] Article: Cloning a Course

Cloning a course enables you to make an exact copy of an existing course that you can then edit and modify or can simply use as a linked copy of the original master course.

To clone a course, move your cursor over the course you would like to clone and select Clone. 

In the pop-up window, if you select Yes, you will clone the course in a format that will allow you to edit the cloned modules immediately, however this clone will not receive any error corrections or updates to the course because it has been unlinked from the master copy of the course.

Selecting No, Clone but don’t unlock will create a clone but this will be an un-editable version of the course, and will remain linked to the original course. If this option is selected, and if updates are made to the original master course, the clone will automatically receive any new error corrections or updates that are made.

Cloning a Course