[New] Article: Adding Students to a Course

To add a student to a course, you must be in the Admin side of Thinkscape. 

First enter the course by clicking on it. Once in the course, click Get Invitation Code’ in the top right corner.  A pop-up box with a unique course invitation code and a course invitation link will appear.

Invitation codes are used for students who already have a Thinkscape account and can be used by students to join an instructor’s specific course. In this case, the student will log into their Thinkscape account, will click the Join a Course button, will enter the invitation code in the pop-up window, then click Join.

For students new to Thinkscape, the invitation links will lead students to create a Thinkscape account before joining the instructor’s specific course. 

Click the appropriate button to the right to copy the code or link to your clipboard.

Send the code or link to the student. For example, by emailing the appropriate code or link directly to the students or by posting the appropriate code of link on the course website or in the course outline.

Adding Students to a Course