[New] Article: How do I access student results or lab reports?

Student results or lab reports can be accessed through the dashboard. In the dashboard you will be able to access all student data. Remember, the dashboard is only available from within a course on the admin side of Thinkscape.

To view a student’s report, click on the green box in the row of the student and the column of the module you wish to view. This will open the submitted report. The report is displayed in sections in the same order as the module steps. 
Comments can be added to each section individually to give feedback to the student.

The inline assessment answers are listed, and can be marked under each question. Again, comments can be included for each assessment.

At the end of the report, you can complete the marks under each category of the rubric. When you have completed all the marks and comments, click Submit Marks. The student will receive their grade and comments, and the dashboard will now include this grade.

Viewing a Students Report