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Article: How do I upload new material (not using the Import tool)?

Article: What does the dashboard mean? What kind of information will I find there?

[New] Article: How do I access student results or lab reports?

Article: Can I change the information that I see on the dashboard?

Article: When I insert a video how do I make it fit / adjust the size?

Article: How do I know if a module has been published?

[New] Article: Requesting Instructor Access

Classroom Management

Article: How do I know if a student has completed an assessment/step/lab/report?

[New] Article: How do I know who to make teacher vs a teaching assistant? What's the difference between them?

Article:I don’t want my students to see the Just In Time Help until they have attempted the step for a set amount of time. How do I delay the ability to access help?

Article: Are there some help tutorials to get students up to speed on note taking and lab submission?


[New] Article: How can I see what the student will see?

Article: Is there a way to print student lab reports or export them to a PDF?

Article: Why don't all my pictures upload when I paste from word in the content editor?

Article: I’ve published the lab; why hasn’t the student version been updated with my changes?

Article: Some of the steps I need are identical from another lab, how can I copy them between lab

1.[New] Article: Adding a New Course

2. [New] Article: Creating a Module

3. [New] Article: Adding a step

4. Article: Importing Steps from a Word Document.

5. Article: Importing Steps from another Lab

6. Article: Editing Existing Content

7. Article: Adding an image to a step

8. Article: Adding New Item - Content

9. [New] Article: Adding a file to a step

10. [New] Article: Adding a video to a step

11. Article: Change the order of items within a Step

12. [New] Article: Deleting an item in a step

13. Article: Moving a step/making it a sub step

14. [New] Article: Deleting a step

15. Article: Adding Prerequisites/Advancement Requirements

16. [New] Article: Adding Help

17. [New] Article: Adding Inline Assessment - Multiple Choice

18. Article: Changing the Order of the Modules

19. [New] Article: Adding Students to a Course

Student FAQ

Student Tutorials

Navigating a Lab

Article: How do I access Help?

Article: Why are some of the steps grey? Why can’t I click them?

Article: Why don’t all the lab steps show up in the lab report?

Note Taking

Article: Do the videos have closed captions?

Article: How do I edit the notes I’ve already saved?

Article: Why is there a Take Notes button on some steps?

Inline Assessment

[New] Article: Uploading and Image or File

[New] Article: Can I submit my answer to a question more than once?

Article: The textboxes where I answer my questions aren’t big enough to fit my complete answer. What can I do?

Article: Will my inline assessment questions be in the lab report?


[New] Article: Can I add additional content such as comments and observations to the lab report?

Article: How do I add my notes to the lab report?

Article: How do I save a copy of a lab report I’ve submitted?

Article: How do I view a lab report I’ve submitted?


[New] Article: Set up ELVIS III from Lobby Bar

[New] Article: How do I open a file?

[New] Article: How do I save my progress?

Article: I can’t find the email with my certificate, how can I get another copy?

Article: What happens when I run out of time in the time bar?

Why are the corners of the step icons red/green in the step navigation bar?

[New] Article: Why is the corner of the module tile green/red?

01. Article: Navigating Thinkscape

02. [New] Article: Moving Between Courses and Modules

03. [New] Article: Opening SFPs from Lobby Bar

04. Article: Completing Prerequisites

05. [New] Article: Using the Help

06. [New] Article: Inline Assessment

07. Article: Time Features

08. Article: Sketch Tool

09. [New] Article: Set up ELVIS III from Lobby Bar

10. [New] Article: Creating and Submitting a Lab Report

11. Article: Certificates

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