[New] Article: Adding Inline Assessments

There are six different types of questions you may add to your module for your students to answer: long answer, short answer, multiple choice, table questions, free-form and upload, the assessments are available for you to include in your course is set by your administrator.

  • For long answer and table questions, your student will enter their answer in the text boxes provided for each question.
  • For short answer, your student will enter their answer in the text box provided.
  • For multiple choice questions your students can select one or more answers by checking the box next to it. 
  • For upload your student will need to upload an image or file.

For short answer and multiple choice questions Thinkscape will automatically mark the students answers, for short answer it must match exactly the answer you entered in the answer text box when creating the assessment.  

When marking the lab report you may add comments to each assessment question.

Inline Assessments