[New] Article: Types of Inline Assessment Questions

There are six different types of questions you may encounter: long answer, short answer, multiple choice, table questions, upload, freeform and upload. For long answer, short answer, and table questions, you can enter your answer in the textboxes provided for each question. For multiple choice questions, you can select one or more answers by checking the box next to it.  Upload questions request that you upload a file and the freeform question allows you include a combination of text, images, links, and files to your report.

Once you’ve answered a question, click Submit so that your answer will be recorded. Your answer will not be saved if you leave the module step without submitting your response.

Note: Each individual question has its own submit button. It’s also important to note that some questions can be submitted more than once while others cannot, depending on what the content author has chosen.

Inline Assessments