Article: Adding an image to a step

To add an image to a step, you first need to start in a content item. Then, click on the Image icon in the toolbar to access image properties window. You can add an image either from your files or using a link.

To add an image from your files, start under the Upload tab and click Choose File. Browse to select the file, then click Open. Back in the Upload tab, click Send it to the Server.

To add an image from a link, start in the Link tab of the Image Properties window. Then, enter the URL of the link in the URL window.

Back in the Image Info tab, you can change the size of the image using the Width and Height windows. When you’re done adding the image, click OK.

To edit the image after adding it, right-click the image and select Image Properties. This opens the same window you used to add the image originally. When you’re done editing the content item with the image, click Done.