Make sure you’re in the admin side of Thinkscape to begin.  To see your students’ progress, click on the dashboard button at the bottom of the course page.

All the students that have joined this section will be listed. On the dashboard, Thinkscape shows you the real-time progress of your students both during and after the module.

Each column represents a module in the course and each row shows the results for one of the students. Inside the progress bar, you can see the step that the student is currently working on and the amount of time they have spent in this module. The amount that the blue bar is filled represents how far they’ve progressed in the module. If the blue bar is not filled, the student has not viewed all the steps, if the blue bar is filled, the student has viewed all the steps. If no bar is shown at all, the student has not started the module.

A green bar indicates that the student has submitted a report, and a check marks indicates that the student’s report has been graded.

Monitoring Students and Course Progress